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Diving Hundreds of wrecks in waters never much more than 25m deep make Arromanches a popular spot for diving, and Normandy Beach has become a popular place for divers.
D-Day 1944 saw the sea covered with a carpet of ships, troop carriers, tank landing craft, cruisers, and even huge sections of the Mulberry artificial harbours, and hundreds of ships were lost over the following months of support operations. Many dangerous wrecks have been cleared, but "The D-Day Wrecks" museum in Port en Bessin open from June to September and weekends in May, can give you a good idea of what there is still out there.
arromaches divingArromanches has its own Dive Club just 500m from our door. With 2 ribs and a new aluminium dive boat with cover for up to 20 divers, you can rent equipment or have your own tanks filled at the club. Make the most of your time; their instructors know the local waters and conditions very well.
We look after groups of typically 12 - 15 divers, also couples, singles, and often non-diving partners and families. We understand that meal times follow the tides, while hot showers may be needed at 11.30 after the mornings dive. arromanches diversWe understand the importance of having space to dry kit, and store tanks, and most of all we appreciate the need to relax and party a little together in the evenings.
We know how to "cram" extra beds in rooms to keep costs down for you. We are happy to sort meals at odd hours to match your schedules, and we have driers and washing machines you can use whenever you need. Feel at home andcomfortable. Enjoy your diving.
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