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Arromanches has a good selection of restaurants and bars with a range of prices and styles, and a short drive opens up even more possibilities at Bayeux, Courseulles, or Port en Bessin.
The fish is generally very good so close to the coast, and the Oysters and "Fruits de la Mer" are brilliant .We are lucky to have 2 very good oyster farms in Asnelles, just half a mile over the hill. Wonderful cultivated oysters, exotic flat Roman oysters, and enormous wild "Sauvage" oysters compete with spider crabs and flotillas of live lobsters cruising round the holding tanks en route to your plate. A glass of chilled Sancerre, a squeeze of Lemon and a little vinegar laced with red onionNMmmmm.
Anything you see that you fancy, don't hesitate to bring it back here to picnic in the courtyard, or in the house. We can always help you prepare BBQ,s and you are welcome to make use of our kitchens whenever you fancy.

Must tries are :
  • Calvados -The local fire water, an apple brandy that is best sipped, and even better if has been maturing for about 10 years.
  • Pommeau - A sherry like mix of calvados and cider, best taken with a couple of ice cubes end sipped slowly.
  • Local cider - Best drunk.
Finally, see if you can find the Arromanches restaurant serving Camembert flavour ice cream. Not as strange as it sounds, its like the nicest cheese cake you ever tasted, and its ice cream.
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