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Normandy Beach Walking Weekends. Well known excuses for having a lot of fun, while pretending to take exercise.
Low tide early mornings along the beach. Wet rippled sand from horizon to horizon. A quicksilver smooth sea, not a soul in sight. Endless space.

Blustery clifftops, waves crashing against the Mulberry harbour pontoons. Forgotten gun emplacements. Pushing yourself to the next stop. Flapjack and mulled wine.
Green lanes, open fields. Beautiful Norman churches as waypoints. On to the bakers at Ryes and its Palmiers. The bar at Crepon, and its Green Howards D-Day memorial.

Normally spread over a three-day weekend outside the main season, walking weekends guarantee premium chill time. Calvados fired enthusiasm surprises everyone with the blunt fact that they are capable of walking 7 miles across the cliff tops to enjoy a celebration café crème at Port en Bessin.
Chocolate cake and tea back at base ease aches and pains as survivors tell tales of plunging into the gulley and crossing the raging river Piss (Really ! Just look on the map west of Arromanches,and there it is.)

A big wholesome farmhouse dinner with plenty of red medicine helps dissolve the whole experience into the memory, ready for bed and the prospect of whiskey loaded porridge and a different route the following morning.
Just easy enough for the most unfit mouse pusher, and at the same time stimulating enough to satisfy the keen, walking breaks are ideal for couples, groups and families. So good in fact, we'll come along and keep you company.

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